Our team

The people behind Pip.Services are an international team of talented professionals. Each member of our team brings to the table their precious contribution to the development and support of our projects. The results we’ve achieved are a combination of many years of experience and a fresh outlook on modern technologies. We are grateful to everyone, who has helped take enterprise development to a whole new level.

Dmitry Levichev
Golang, Dart, Microservices, Benchmarks
Mark Zontak
.NET, Node.js
Aleksey Dvoykin
.NET, Node.js, Microservices, Templates
Dmitry Krayniy
DevOps templates
Anastas Fonotov
Python, Node.js, Microservices
Danil Prisyazhnyi
Python, Benchmarks
Danyil Treatiakov
Mark Makarychev
Sergey Seroukhov
The project founder
Artyom Grishchenko
Alexander Mazur
Egor Nuzhnykh
Microservices, Templates
Volodymyr Tkachenko
.NET, Node.js
Denis Kuznetsov

External contributors

Alan Joyce
.NET, Node.js
Andrew Harrington
.NET, Node.js

Our partners

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