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What is Pip.Services toolkit?

Pip.Services Toolkit speeds up development of production-grade microservices for various cloud and on-premises platforms in the language of your choice. Symmetric implementation of structures and patterns across all supported languages and out-of-the-box interoperability simplify development in polyglot environments. The toolkit design based on composition allows to mix it with other frameworks and libraries.
Implementation in 6
programming languages
Componentized microservice design
30+ development patterns
Synchronous communications
Asynchronous communications
Support for IoT technologies
Relational and NoSQL persistence
Distributed logging and monitoring
Deployment on-prem, cloud and docker

What can you do with Pip.Services toolkit?

  • Speed up your microservice development by using prebuilt patterns and components.
  • Use the toolkit by itself or in conjunction with other frameworks and libraries.
  • Get out-of-the-box interoperability in Node.js, .Net, Golang, Dart, Python, Java.
  • Build production-grade microservices with instrumentation and health monitoring.
  • Run microservices as processes, Docker containers, Services Fabric or Serverless.
  • Deploy microservices on AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or on-premises.
  • Support multiple platforms and switch between them without touching the code.
  • Innovate with ease by adding new technologies into existing microservices.

Develop your first microservice in 30 min or less:

50+ production-ready microservices

Product Support
Internet of Things

Instead of paying for SaaS services or spending resources on building your own microservices, you save a lot by taking free of-the-shelf microservices and making them an integral part of your system. Choose from over 50 microservices covering Infrastructure Management, User Management, Content Management, Product Support, eCommerce and Internet of Things. Integrate them with your infrastructure, call using language of your choice and deploy as a part of your system on any cloud or on-premises platform.

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Latest News

Porting microservices to Dart

As true technology pioneers, our team decided to use the new full-stack Dart+Flutter platform to implement a large product for consumer market. As a part of that project we ported a significant number of microservices from Pip.Services Library to Dart. Our intent is to continue to support that powerful platform and ease its adoption for our clients.


The Pip.Services Toolkit has been released for Dart

With the release of Flutter 1.0, Dart has become a serious competitor to JavaScript in Full-stack development. At the same time, using Dart on the server-side is just arriving and still suffering some growing pains. However, our team decided to become one of the first and today we present to you a stable release of the Pip.Services Toolkit for Dart. The toolkit will help you considerably simplify the creation of stable microservices on this promising platform.


The Pip.Services Toolkit has been released for Golang

Over the course of the last few years, Golang has become increasingly popular as a language for developing microservices. We received lots of requests to add Golang to the toolkit, and we are now happy to announce that there is now a stable release of the Pip.Services Toolkit available for Golang! We were able to achieve a high level of code symmetry with other languages, so switching back and forth between Golang and other languages will be very easy.


More useful stuff...


Library of reusable microservices to manage infrastructure, users and content, to support and sell products and more.

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Benchmarking framework in 6 programming languages to develop performance, scalability, reliability and other non-functional tests.

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Selenium Powershell

PowerShell driver for Selenium UI testing. Helps DevOps teams to implement system-level testing using familiar scripting language.

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